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The annual Shopify Unite partner and developer conference took place this week in Toronto, Canada with more announcements than ever before!

As Shopify Expert Developers, we were thrilled to hear so many of the ways that Shopify is enhancing their product offerings that will help our clients both locally and globally. Let's dive into a few of updates that will make the biggest impacts for you - our clients!

There were so many announcements, that we have chosen our Top Five that we think will matter to merchants the most.

1. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

Our clients have been asking for multi-lingual for years now. And it is here at last! Shopify merchants can now view their dashboards in multiple languages in their countries of origin. Shopify has just released an early beta for Shopify in six languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Merchants and developers can join the beta release today to give feedback to help improve the experience, as well as help translate some of the areas not currently in use today.

Shopify also announced that multi-currency is coming this Fall for merchants using Shopify Payments. This means that no matter which country merchants' buyers are shopping from, their localized preferred payment method will be offered whether it be credit card transacting or payments directly from a bank account.

Prices will appear in the buyer's local currency based on geo-location. The entire experience from product creation to end of month payment reconciliation will be streamlined to help merchants with this process directly through Shopify.

2. Localization
Inventory management across multiple locations can be daunting for some retailers trying to sell both online and offline across locations.

Shopify Plus merchants will have the ability to optimize their inventory and fulfillment in real-time cutting down on customer service issues and back orders. Merchants will no longer have to pick up the phone to various locations to ensure that products are available. Merchants can also get ahead of inventory replenishment to decrease time, and ensure products are available at all times.

No announcements have been made as to exactly when this year this will launch so stay tuned!

3. BOGO & Quantity Discounts
Discount offers have been enhanced in Shopify and are available now in a variety of forms. Buy one get one free discounts now goes beyond just that, and merchants can now offer discounts such as buy one get one at 50% off.

Merchants can also provide a certain percentage discount, dollar value discount, & also free shipping based on minimum quantities of products. Stores can also offer discounts that have if/then statements such as buy $200 worth of products and receive 30% off.

4. Marketing Platform
One of the biggest hurdles we hear from our clients is after you build our store for us, how do we drive sales? Once again, this is a huge value add for Shopify Plus merchants that will be available late summer where all of your marketing campaigns can be centralized and managed directly through the Shopify platform.

The opportunity comes in 3 forms - create, optimize and manage your marketing campaigns all within one centralized place thus saving time, money, and give you the tools to inform future marketing initiatives.

5. Dynamic Checkout
A feature our clients are most likely going to love the most is the new dynamic checkout. The conversion funnel has just become a LOT easier where buyers can simply click a button and check out. The customer journey has become far more simplified where buyers can bypass the add to cart button, leaving the product page where multi-step details are involved.

This is great for single product purchases where buyers want to get in and out on the go. They will still have the ability to check out the traditional way but if they want things to be sped up, dynamic check out will help them get through the purchase funnel with less friction.

Though this is great news for some, you will have to be on the Shopify Plus account level and it's limited to a few currencies to start which includes: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, JPY, SGD, HKD, AUD, and NZD. Multi-currency is expected to launch this Fall.

Contact us today to update your themes, as this feature is currently available!