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A Quick Guide to IGTV [Infographic]

Video has taken over content marketing and social media platforms in recent years. They’re on your Twitter and facebook timelines, your personal chats, and Instagram feeds. The moment you open Instagram, you will most likely encounter at least one video post on your feed.

Nevertheless, video content on Instagram is nothing new. Ever since users have been able to upload videos in 2013, Instagram has invested heavily in video for their app, from video sharing, Stories, and even live streaming.

Like Youtube, but Vertical

Instagram turned heads when they launched their latest venture into long-form video content— IGTV in June 2018.

There are a couple things that make IGTV different from other platforms. For starters, IGTV videos differ from most videos online with a horizontal format.

Another thing is IGTV’s search algorithm. Unlike Youtube, where search results are based on keywords, IGTV’s search results are based on profiles or channels. Videos on IGTV are also limited to 10 minutes or 1-hour for accounts with more followers.

How  IGTV is Being Used

Many brands were quick to use IGTV to share exclusive content. Chipotle took it to their channel to upload a simple and short clip showcasing their massive selection of burritos and salad bowls for takeaway.

National Geographic went big and used their IGTV channel to upload their final episode of their series “One Strange Rock” which runs up to 47 minutes long. Netflix, taking a similar route to Nat Geo used their channel to release an hour long footage of Cole Sprouse, the Riverdale actor, eating a burger to promote the series.

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For more information on how to use this new feature on Instagram, check out this infographic below!

A Quick Guide to IGTV
Courtesy of: Milkwhale
Andre Oentoro is one of the co-founder of Milkwhale, an internationally acknowledged infographic production agency. He helps businesses increase visibility on the internet with visual data and well-placed outreach campaigns. Read more on his latest guide to Viral Infographics and learn how to get the most value out of your website’s traffic.