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So what does this mean to you? Shopify has made a significant effort to internationalize its platform and is offering several tools to assist with your ability to reach this market. They have added Russian to the platform and therefore you can get real-time translations, but most importantly, they have partnered with Russian Payment Gateways.


Translation Apps

Weglot is a Shopify App that just does this. You can get your store in multiple languages in minutes, with controls on which language, and provides intuitive and visual editing tools to manually translate in-context. With 100+ languages available, your ability to expand is limitless to all regions.

Given that Shopify sets up your URLs such that each sub-directory is set up as a language, it provides you with Multilingual SEO to be optimized for that region’s search engines.

Langify is a similar app, with the ability to export and import translations of your store if you decide to have your store translated by an agency. This may be a more traditional method where the control of context and better wording that relying on a dictionary/library which may not deliver a perfect expression of your value proposition. Whereas Weglot is free (may have additional charges with options), Langify a 7-day free trial and a monthly charge.

Panda Language Translate is much like Weglot however, the editing capabilities are described to be relying on automated translations rather than being able to control/edit them. This app is a monthly charge app with a 7-day trial.

Multilingual Shop – Gtranslate – A very capable app, with the additional capability to Live Chat Translate which is key if your store invests in converting clients with this tool. This app is Free for the base translation package, with a selection of paid features to choose from – which includes Live Chat.


Payment Gateways

Shopify lists 9 payment providers, some of which are global providers, lay-buy, monthly payment providers, Direct Debit, Credit Card and PayPal. Having a wide spectrum allows for various eCommerce business models/payment methods to be adapted to the marketplace. With this element in place, and your website being translated you now have all you need to explore this market.



You might be interested in taking Russian orders, or additional countries – having your store cater to various countries is key to maximize your store’s potential. One thing for sure, Russian consumers will be growing to a projected RUB200bn in 2019 – be part of the wave.