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The Top 10 Shopify Apps for early 2019

Why is Shopify so popular with over 500,000 merchants online? It is about the
simplicity of setting up shop, and the tools to operate their commerce from
Marketing, Promotion, Secure Payments and Shipping.
The Shopify App Store is the toolbox for your businesses, many of which are free
or have free trials. Determining which tools to use can be a daunting task when
looking through the many thousands of options and features that can enhance
your store.
Here are some key apps worth consideration all the while there are many more
to chose from.

1. Free Shipping Bar

For sales of light goods of a reasonable size, this App may be relevant to your
commercial model as it promotes an “easy as retail” experience being delivered
to your door. With online supermarket free deliveries, consumers are getting
accustomed to this business model. This “Free Shipping Bar” app shows up at
the top of your store and is fully customizable.

This App is free for you to integrate into your store, enticing consumers to shop
and be converted as customers – boosting sales and increase the average cart

2. Plug in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key component for your store to be found
when clients are searching for your goods and services. With the
implementation of “Plug In SEO”, you will get an audit report on the areas to
work on and refine your store to get the most out of the search engines.
Plug in SEO will continue to check your shop for areas that need addressing and
will alert you when those needs arise.

3. Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

In keeping the cost of inventory low, and optimising your business model with
drop-shipping directly to the client, this Spocket App maybe the one for your
store. This app makes business easy between the EU and US dropshippers via
automation and logistics analysis. As an example, it can identify suppliers that
are closest to your client’s locations – thus reducing shipping times for your
clients in receiving their orders. With intelligent methods of bridging your
offerings to your suppliers, it will also relay the client’s details automatically
when an order is placed.

4. Kaviyo: Marketing Automation

Understanding your clientele by analysing the demographics is a key tool for
your marketing strategy. For targeted messaging, product positioning in
establishing a strong relationship with that client base, Klaviyo will provide you
reports on visitors, subscribers and established clients. Your Marketing
Campaigns can be measured, analysed all the way to calculating and fine-tuning
your ROI.

5. KIT: Facebook and Instagram Ad messaging

To make your advertisement management effective with a simple and straight-
forward management system using KIT. The messenger interface will help you
to respond to your Facebook/Instagram ads via creating retargeting campaigns,
promoting discounts and sending back in-stock notifications. All these features
make your Ads more effective, increase conversion and help you funnel your
clients through the checkout.

6. Bundle Upsell

Upselling increases your average basket value and help your clients have the
opportunity to see/find additional items they would want to pair up with what’s
in their basket. These “related products” relationships translate your knowledge
of your store to your clients. The Bundle Upsell app provides the shopkeeper an
easy to use interface in creating the relationships as well as creating custom

7. Wishlist Plus

This is an important feature for product based stores – in both returning clients,
as well as promotional. The result of using this feature in your store can boost
your sales up to 19.3% according to Metrilo. The users does not have to be
logged into the site to use this feature, which makes it that much more useful for
capturing browsing clients. In addition, metrics/statistics are captured as users
use this feature for the shopkeeper to review, and adjust/promote items to drive
further sales.

8. Outfy

For your social media reach, this amazing app does an incredible job in driving
traffic and increasing sales. This is a major time saving and business automation
tool for social media tasks such as: Automation of publications for your social
media posts; accessing a wide array of professionally designed images to help
promote your store; Outfy can manage several stores with one app; amazing
product collages for your social media posts; use of caption templates to go along
with your image posts and associate hashtags to automatically accompany your

9. Buy Button Channel

This app allows you to design a “Buy Now” button which will include HTML code
behind it so as to be able to place this into the platform of choice. Your ability to
customise colour and layout is up to your designer/palette of your site. In
addition, a custom “checkout” button can also be crafted to assist a quick way to
capture the sale. These buttons are primarily used in your social media
advertisements to entice your clients to immediately navigate to the product and

10. Referralcandy

With a reward programme, your happy clients can be enticed to refer your store
and its goods/services via a simple submission, as well as an email reminder to
promote the referral. Capturing the moment of satisfaction and having a client
engage in the referral process can be difficult in timing – this app gives that
person the flexibility of timing to take a moment and do the referral. The app
takes care of the reward coupon, the redemption of the coupon, the messaging to
the referees and the client doing the referral.