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Ready to take on 2020 with the right apps on your side? Here is a handful to consider. All these apps are free, or limited for Free, giving your store an uplift in productivity, analysis or a commercial leg-up. These apps are popular in their various fields and are important in the market trends of eCommerce.


  1. Oberlo

If your store is looking for additional products to offer, this app is your wholesale store for your Shopify store. Drop-shipping is the hottest trend within the Shopify sphere, and now it is super simple. It’s free for up to 50 orders a month – a great way to try it out. You get to identify a supplier and a product and can import it into your store with one simple stroke. Once the order is placed, placing that order into Oberlo gets that item delivered to the client.


  1. AfterShip – Track & Notify

To have customer care continuity during the shipping period, allowing the ability for the client to follow their goods and know when to expect them to arrive is important to ensure that they get picked up properly. This app makes it an easy integration, all the while that the first 100 shipments are free to track. Supporting 450 global carriers, it makes sense to consider it as part of your customer experience strategy.


  1. Auto Currency Switcher

With the simple ability to manage currencies with this app, going global is a lot easier with a single store. Visitors are presented with a pull-down currency/Flag to select and your store changes to that currency pricing. Reaching a global clientele is all a lot easier in today’s eCommerce cloud environment – and it's Free!


  1. Google Shopping

Linking your Google Shopping portal to your Shopify environment is important to correlate your advertising to your shoppers’ purchasing trends. This app will synchronize your Google Merchant Centre to your Shopify Account, where your products will be imported to your Merchant Account. Once the accounts are linked, your ability to set up Smart Shopping Campaigns will be within reach.   Another amazing Free app.

  1. Free Persistent Cart App

In driving toward both better customer experience and higher closure rates, this app will deliver both and better still, it is Free. This app keeps the cart associated with the visitor alive in order to assist them upon their return. The cart is kept across platforms, between a PC and a smartphone for example.



While there are thousands of apps that can fit your business model, at times there are some apps that are worth exploring, giving you a new perspective or give your ideas a leap forward.